Tokyo 2020 Update: Official Playbooks Outlining Athlete Protocol Released

Excerpt from the Athletes Playbook.

As the calendar ticks closer to the postponed 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan (currently scheduled for July 23 – August 8, 2021), Olympic officials have released Playbooks outlining Covid protocol for Athletes, International Federations, Press, and Broadcasters. It remains the intent of the Olympic organizing committee to proceed with the Games despite a surge in cases in Tokyo and a decline in public approval of the Games. Organizers have also stated that a vaccine will not be required of athletes; vaccine distribution in Japan is scheduled to begin this month.

Though it remains uncertain whether or not spectators will be allowed at the Games this summer, the protocol outlined in the Playbooks addresses the other stakeholders that will be participating.

An excerpt from the Athletes Playbook.

“We are #StrongerTogether. The values we share – Excellence, Friendship and Respect – will lead us to a safe and successful Games,” the Playbook states. “We firmly believe that if every single one of us commits to following the Playbook, we will come together in the summer for an extraordinary Games that will stand out in memory for all the right reasons. Our gathering is a symbol of hope for humanity. Our gathering requires the best within us.”

Excerpt from the Athletes Playbook.

Participants will make use of Japan’s COCOA and health reporting smartphone apps for contact tracing and exposure notifications. A negative COVID-19 test must also be provided, along with additional testing upon arrival and throughout the Games, prior to entry into the country.

In addition to these parameters, participants are also cautioned to use normal social distancing and hygiene throughout their travels. All who will be in attendance are also encouraged not to chant or sing as encouragement, but rather to clap only.

“You are responsible for proactively monitoring and reporting your personal health every day via the health reporting app,” the Playbook says. “Testing will be a crucial part of minimizing transmission: used for general screening and for those identified as a close contact of a positive case; as well as used for diagnosis for those experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.”

All official Playbooks for Tokyo can be found here.

We will continue to monitor the status of the Olympics and are also working on providing an update on the Eventing High Performance program and its preparation for the Games.

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