Top 10 YouTube Favorites (part 2)

The countdown continues…

The Top 10 Best Videos: HORSES IN SPORT


6.  Horse Agility?  Why not?  

5. A stunning CLEAR ROUND at the 1988 Hickstead Derby.  A phenominal performance by Nick Skelton and Apollo.  Awesome horse, I think I wouldn’t mind galloping him around Rolex with a jump like that!  Hickstead is one of my favorite courses to watch, a really unique show jumping event.

4. Metropolitan Mounted Police at Olympia.  Jumping in unison? Seen it before.  Near-collisions at high speed? Typical drill-team maneuver.  Jumping through hoops of fire?  Come on, who hasn’t.  Jumping in unison, through flaming hoops, avoiding near-collisions at high speed, while remaining in sync?  Now that’s worth watching.  And I still can’t figure out how they unsaddle, while mounted, continuing to canter in formation.  They’z got mad skillz!

Agree or disagree with your favorites in the comment section.  Stay tuned for the Top 3!

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