Weekend Recap

**Results from Florida Horse Park Winter II**  Notes: Callie Judy led wire to wire on Call on Me in the open intermediate.  Buck had an impressive performance in the open prelim, taking the top four places.  The event co-organizer, Jon Holling, won the training horse on Downtown Harrison, and David finished third in that division.  Word on the street is that about half the riders wore ski masks on XC due to the chilly temperatures, making for a pretty amusing sight, I would imagine.

This article at the USEA about Captain Mark Phillips retiring in 2012 is generating alot of buzz, particularly on this Chronicle thread, with mostly positive reactions to the retirement.  A lot of names are being thrown around for the successor, let us know who you think will be picked or who should be picked in the comment section of this post.  When a replacement is named, we will link to the comment section and see who was right.  This story is close to my heart, because we covered the story that CMP would retire in Eventing Nation’s first ever News and Notes, back in October 2009.
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Lastly, thanks to Visionaire for holding down the fort today.  If you missed her semi-introduction and mocking me, click here.  As for how Visionaire “landed this gig,” I have indeed known Visionaire for quite some time.  Visionaire is one of the smartest people in Eventing, and flat out the most dedicated and hardest working person I have ever met in the horse world.  It is a great fortune for all of us to have Visionaire writing for the site.  Go eventing.
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