Top 10 YouTube Favorites (part 3)

At last, the moment you’ve all been waiting for.  The remaining 3 videos are revealed! 

The Top 10 Best Videos: HORSES IN SPORT


3.  2008 WEG Dressage Freestyle: Blu Hors Matine.  I know EVERYONE has seen this video (it’s been viewed a combined 10 million times), but it is worth watching again.  And again.  I still get goosebumps when I see it, for the 100th time.  The mare literally dances to the music; her suspension and flexibility is extraordinary.  I don’t care if you hate dressage more than picking frozen poop from the pasture, or if you can’t tell a half-pass from a piaffe, watching this video makes you appreciate dressage and WISH you could do ride a horse like that.  Simply magical.


2.  My Favorite Eventing Video. Forward horses, forward riding, this is what xc is all about!  It’s awesome, it’s guts, it’s just hanging on with a smile.  Horses doing extraordinary things, understanding their job and having fun.  Horses and riders in sync, in rhythm, doing what they do best.  I love it!!!


1.  1973 Belmont Stakes.  Wait, you mean that great eventing video isn’t #1?!  Yeah, ‘cuz this one’s better.  How something so simple as a running horse can create such an emotional impact, I cannot explain.  If this video doesn’t give you chills and fill you with inspiration, there’s no hope for you.  Secretariat was perhaps the single greatest equine athlete to ever walk the earth.  He had no competition… he was racing history.  And I don’t know if anyone will ever catch up.  Bookmark this one, and watch it again… it never loses it’s magic. 

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