Top Eventers’ Top Products, Part 2: Rider Apparel & Gear

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In Part 1 we discussed the everyday tools you need, and what essentials top riders are big fans of.

Now that we’ve gone over the basics that every equestrian should have, let’s talk about something near and dear to my heart … fashion! Fashion, especially in the equestrian world, doesn’t always come cheap, so it’s important to know the pieces that are worth the cash, and we’re here to help.


Lauren Billys sporting her team flag Samshield helmet at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. Photo by Jenni Autry.

“I will not get on without a helmet, they are absolutely the most important part of anyone’s riding ensemble. Having a Samshield is so nice because they look so sharp, while offering amazing protection.” — Lauren Billys of Lauren Billys Eventing. Where to buy? Check out Samshield’s retailer map (price varies).

“I love my Charles Owen. It’s one thing that hasn’t changed as my riding career has grown. I really trust that these helmets will offer the best protection. I won’t get on without it.” — Mackenna Shea of Mackenna Shea Eventing. Where to buy? Here’s a list of Charles Owen retailers (price varies).

“Having hunters, jumpers and event horses it’s nice to have a helmet that we love and still fits in no matter what show we’re at. The Uvex helmets are sleek enough to look appropriate everywhere, and we feel so incredibly safe wearing them.” — John Michael and Kimmy Durr of Durr Eventing and Show Jumping. Where to buy? Check for retailers here (price varies).

Horsey Outerwear

“Our Bucas Fly Sheets keep the horses from getting bleached out in turnout, plus they keep them cool and keeps the flies off. We’ve never had issues with these fly sheets rubbing their shoulders, they are awesome.” — Matt and Cecily Brown of East West Training Stables. Where to buy? Smartpak Equine ($132.95).

“Anytime it gets chilly I’m so glad we have Weatherbeeta Blankets. All of their products are amazingly well made, so they hold up to all the fun the horses can throw at them.”— Allison Springer of Allison Springer Eventing. Where to buy? Find your closest retailer here (price varies).

“Having the horses in California means they spend a lot of time out in the sun, dealing with bugs. We use Professional’s Choice Fly Masks, and they do a really good job. They’re durable as well as comfortable for the horses, and they really appreciate the relief they provide!” — Mackenna Shea. Where to buy? Professionals Choice website ($14.95-$22.95).

Riding accessories

Mackenna Shea’s Landioso is a Frilly Fillies fan, too! Photo by Leslie Threlkeld.

“Frilly Fillies! Their bonnets are handcrafted in the U.S. and can specially designed to match your show ensemble perfectly. Plus, the materials are amazing and it fits all of my horses perfectly so they can all wear it and look stunning in the show ring!” — Allison Springer. Where to buy? Frilly Fillies website (price varies).

“I only ride in Heritage Gloves. They are comfortable, and durable, and I love how grippy they are.” — Mackenna Shea. Where to buy? Find a retailer here (price varies).

“JoJo Sox are great! You can wear them under your boots, they’re super comfy and the material is awesome. Plus, they’re stylish enough to wear in a non-horse situation. I really love mine.” — Lauren BillysWhere to buy? JoJoSox website (price varies).


Hawley Bennett-Award sitting tight in her FITS Breeches on Jollybo at the 2017 Kentucky Three-Day Event. Photo by Leslie Threlkeld.

“FITS Breeches are the. best. They’re comfortable and fit great, and they’re really nice and grippy!” — Hawley Bennett-Awad of Hawley Bennett Eventing. Where to buy? FITS Breeches website (price varies).

“I love my Irideon Hampshire Full Seat Breeches. They fit so well, and they have awesome pockets!” — Auburn Excell-Brady of Excell EquestrianWhere to buy? Toklat’s website ($139.95).

“Hands down the most comfortable riding pants I’ve ever had are my Kerrits tights and breeches. They are so comfy I never feel restricted, and they’re stylish too so I never feel like I’m sacrificing one for the other.” — Heather Morris of Next Level Eventing. Where to buy? Kerrit’s website (price varies).

Other apparel

Matt Brown, pictured here with Super Socks BCF, is a big fan of Kastel shirts. Photo by Leslie Threlkeld.

“The Irideon CoolDown Icefil Long Sleeve Show Shirts are my absolute favorite. They have really stylish cuffs and collar liner, and the wrap collar snaps neatly for an elegant, crisp, flawless look in the show ring. It is the perfect summer show shirt.” — Auburn Excell-Brady. Where to buy? Toklat’s website ($99.95).

“This might sound weird but one of the most important parts of my riding outfit is my Knix Wear. They’re truly designed for athletic activity, and they’re designed for women by women, so they’re super comfortable.” — Jenny Caras of Caras Eventing International. Where to buy? Knixwear website (price varies).

“We love our Kastel shirts! They come in so many cute colors and they always look great. So we can roll out of bed, put on a Kastel shirt and look and feel professional every day. All while staying cool and being protected from the sun.” — Matt and Cecily Brown. Where to buy? Find your local Kastel retailer here.

To be continued!