Top Five Halloween Costumes For Your Horse

Too. Much. Cute

Halloween is coming up, which means a number of different things. 1) it is the time of year that I am guaranteed at one point to eat so many candy corn that I feel sick 2) EVERYTHING is pumpkin flavored 3) you can’t help but imagine absurd costumes for everyone around you and 4) costume classes at local shows are mandatory. If you are of the crafty persuasion, this is your time to shine. Horse costumes are wonderful and the best way to shame your equine partner, period.

Big Mac Horse: While I wouldn’t attempt this costume with a horse who’s headshy, I do have to admire the work put into this getup. The McDonalds saddle pad? The fries on the feet? The horse already looks ashamed of his burger head.

The Attending Doctor & Patient Costume: If you want to pay homage to any recent injuries garnered while riding, here’s the way. We’ve all probably got an extra set of crutches, maybe a foot brace and a temporary cast in that back closet (oh the memories), so just pull those out and away you go! Probably best to wear some pants under your hospital gown though…

Dorothy & The Cowardly Lion: While we admit that Dorothy would be better off with a helmet in this picture (“how can you talk if you haven’t got a brain?”), we have to give props for this costume. This is obviously a very tolerant horse, as he seems to be bearing this giant lion’s mane with aplomb. He’s even got a lion tail!

We Three Kings: …of orient are, bearing gifts we traverse afar, field and fountain, moor and mountain, following yonder star! Do you have an excess of minis? Want to be the envy of all your normal sized horse friends? This costume set is your way to heaven.

Mary Had A Little Lamb: This costume made me laugh out loud for a solid five minutes. The mother of this child and pony must have put so much time into sewing puffballs on a blanket and I assume a sleezy that her fingers fell off. Matching child and pony costumes are ALWAYS the best kind of idea.


If you by any chance followed through with your yearly hankering to dress your horse up for Halloween, we want to see it! Send your pictures to me with a short blurb including your name and that of your horse at [email protected]. Happy costuming!

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