Training Tip Tuesday: No Stirrup November, the Right Way

No Stirrup November, or riding without stirrups in general, always stirs up a generous amount of debate. Some riders, especially those who grew up with their stirrups frequently taken away, say practicing sans irons is invaluable for every rider. Many others argue that this form of riding is unfair and uncomfortable for the horse. Wherever you rest, it’s undoubtedly useful to know how to ride without stirrups. You may find yourself with one lost during your ride, or you may want to understand how you can practice without just “bouncing” in the saddle (which is definitely uncomfortable for all parties involved).

Here’s dressage coach Amelia Newcomb with some tips and tricks for riding without stirrups, correctly:

If you’ve enjoyed the videos we’ve shared with Amelia Newcomb here on EN, you’ll want to stay tuned as we have an exclusive series coming your way this winter. Keep an eye out for more!

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