Training Tip Tuesday Video: A Canter-Walk-Canter Exercise to Add to Your Toolbox

I’ve recently stumbled upon the content gold mine that is FEI dressage rider JJ Tate’s Team Tate Academy YouTube channel. You know we are all about online education here at EN (and full disclosure, you can find more of my work in the education sector over on Noelle Floyd’s Equestrian Masterclass – shameless plug!), and I thought this interesting tidbit from JJ’s channel would be useful to share with you.

It’s a short clip of a longer lesson, but in it you can hear JJ talk a little about the rider’s pelvis and hips and how they relate to the horse’s hind end movement. She then goes into a demonstration of a canter-walk-canter exercise that’s good for honing your seat and leg aids, as well as building strength and responsiveness in your horse. Try it out!

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