Training Tip Tuesday: Ways to Improve Responsiveness

I remember a time when all of the virtual education options available at our fingertips now did not exist. I wish I could find the book I read religiously when I didn’t have the opportunity to actually ride — I feel like I learned so much just from studying that little book. Now, there are whole courses and curriculum dedicated to fine-tuning our riding. Of course, it’s important to vet the sources you’re getting information from — that’s the flip side of the internet, to be sure — always make sure you’re doing things that are appropriate for your level and experience, and that are coming from reputable places!

In this video from the Ridely app, learn from British Grand Prix dressage rider Nicola Buchanan on an age-old dilemma for many riders: riding an.. erm… less forward-thinking horse. Responsiveness to the aids is something that benefits us in every phase of eventing, so take some bits and bobs from this short lesson to add to your toolbox.

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