#TrainingTipTuesday Video Break: Beat the Long Approach with Rhythm

We love a good training tidbit here at EN, and Sharon White has posted a few short videos in recent weeks explaining various nuances of walking, planning, and riding a cross country course.

The most recent tip is all about the dreaded long approach. Coming from hunter-land as myself and most of my American friends have, I think I’ve given myself perpetual first-jump-itis. There is simply too much time to change my mind, second-guess myself changing my mind, and change my mind again before I end up ruining my distance anyway because I, you guessed it, changed my mind.

But as Sharon puts it, rhythm should already be something in your arsenal when you leave the start box. So a longer approach simply means a longer amount of time to maintain a rhythm. Easier said than done, for sure, but sometimes hearing these concepts put simply goes a long way.

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