#TrainingTipTuesday Video: Does Your Horse Invert or Curl? Watch This

We’re big fans of Amelia Newcomb’s dressage trainings, which are applicable across disciplines and easily available on her YouTube channel. With the rise in digital teaching and training, it’s important to be shrewd when finding someone to learn from. Not all solutions are good fits, but one thing about Amelia’s content is it is universally useful for riders of varying levels.

I enjoyed this video on this commonly-seen method of bit and contact evasion: inverting or curling behind the bit. I know I’ve dealt with this many times due to gaps in my own riding, and I find videos like this to be really useful as they call to attention the rider’s aids and intentions.

Dressage training is useful for eventers — that’s a known fact. Help us sort out what content you’d like to see on EN the most in the coming months by filling out the poll below.

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