#TrainingTipTuesday Video: Improve Your Dressage Position

I think as event riders we focus so, so much on jump position and gallop position — and for good reason! These positions are obviously key to success and safety in this sport — but at times we can be found guilty of overlooking the importance of the first phase as we pursue our quests to become better jump jockeys and more efficient gallopers. That include de-prioritizing improving our positions when we’re in a dressage saddle.

We’ve shared many of dressage rider Amelia Newcomb‘s YouTube videos here on Eventing Nation. While she’s not an eventer, I’ve found the simple exercises and explanations that she shares in her videos to be a hugely helpful tool in my own riding as a one-horse adult amateur who doesn’t doesn’t get a lot of saddle time.

Amelia got the chance to give a lecture at the FEI Dressage World Cup in Omaha last week to explain the importance of rider position and ways to improve it. Take this video as a sign to take back your position when you’re riding on the flat and become just as confident and connected in your flatwork as you are in your jump and gallop positions.

Plus, how can scrambling eggs help your riding? Find out at 31:07.

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