#TrainingTipTuesday Video: Using Cones to Perfect Circles

There are plenty of us who ride at home without a full dressage court setup in the arena or field. This can make it difficult to practice geometry in our tests — a skill that is necessary to keep scores competitive and earn the best possible marks. Ring craft should be a part of our everyday practice, but how to do this without a ring?

Answer: the always valuable cone!

In this video, Amelia Newcomb and her husband, Germán, walk us through a simple set-up using cones to help riders improve their circles. It’s not just about nailing a shape, it’s about achieving a level of suppleness with your horse that allows you to flow. Germán also demonstrates a spiral in and out exercise that can help riders practice their aids with this concept.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to peruse the rest of Amelia Newcomb’s dressage training on her YouTube channel here.

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