#TrainingTipTuesday Video: Warming Up for XC with a Green Horse

Last week we were treated to an educational feast at the Peterson Smith Barnstaple Educational Event and Three-Day, which hosted a full slate of demos and lectures on top of a traditional long format event for lower levels in Ocala, FL.

Thanks to RNS Video and Taylor Harris Insurance, a free live stream of competition as well as educational seminars was provided, and if you missed any of them they’re well worth catching up on here.

This clip shared by Team USA rider Lauren Nicholson features tips from her as well as Buck Davidson on warming up for cross country with a green horse.

“It is important for the rider to maintain a quiet and soft position while keeping a supportive leg to allow the horse to move freely underneath them without interference,” Lauren shared on Instagram. “The rider should maintain a position that is slightly behind the motion in anticipation of any silliness that may occur when schooling the less experienced horse.”

Can’t see the embedded Instagram post at the top of this post? Click here to watch this video on the app.

You can view the full demo put on by Lauren and Buck below:

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