Tuesday News and Notes from Cavalor

Kate Chadderton gets some love from VS McCuan Civil Liberty. Kate Chadderton gets some love from VS McCuan Civil Liberty.

I celebrated the new year by enjoying the last happy moments of relatively warm winter weather in Minnesota. Subzero temps and bitter winds invaded over the weekend, and the foreseeable forecast looks dim and cold. My Rocky Mountain Horse, Griffin, and I enjoyed an invigorating canter through the snow, and strolled through frosty trails dusted with deer hoofprints and dainty little rabbit and bird tracks. Our peaceful ride will have to stick with me through the bitter cold, as I doubt the weather will be warm enough to venture out on the trails for a while.

In other parts of the country, other riders have been enjoying the company of their horses, too. Kate Chadderton sent us this adorable photo of her cuddling with VS McCuan Civil Liberty. Thanks for sharing, Kate!

Event Opening Today: Pine Top Advanced, CIC**, CIC* Horse Trials (GA, A-3)

Events Closing Today: Rocking Horse Winter I H.T. (FL, A-3), Full Gallop Farm January H.T (SC, A-3), Fresno County Horse Park Combined Test (CA, A-6)

News and Notes:

William Fox-Pitt is coming to Aiken! Stable View Farm is pleased to announce this unique learning opportunity on February 10 and 11. Auditor positions are available for $60 per day or $100 for both days. Please join us for this event! Click here to sign up to audit, or email [email protected].

USEF Says Helmet Cams Okay: In case you missed it, the USEF reversed its ban on helmet cameras yesterday, and released protocol for their use at events. Event organizers may still choose to prohibit helmet cams, however the USEF’s decision seems to be a popular one just in time for the first event of the season this weekend in Ocala! [Eventing Nation]

Barn Hacks Make Work Easier: The Horse shared a few “tricks of the trade,” such as using blanket clips to hold a hose in place while filling up a water tank (genius!). Follow the link to read more, and be sure to add your own helpful tips and tricks in the comments! [The Horse]

Horses Survive Kansas Barn Fire: News flashes regarding barn fires never bode well, but thankfully this story has a happy ending. A boarding barn in Butler County, Kansas was destroyed in a fire on Sunday night, but all 14 to 18 horses on the property were released from their stalls and to safety. [The Wichita Eagle]

Manure Delivery Company is Surprisingly Successful: After earning over $10,000 in its first month, the founder of Sh*t Express might be thinking to himself, “Holy crap.” The company, which allows buyers to literally ship horse manure to anyone, anywhere in the world, might be a bizarre idea, but it sure is popular. [Horsetalk]

Video of the Day: Try to told it together while watching this Gulfstream Park horse race, which features a horse named “Harass.”