Tuesday News and Notes from Cavalor

Jessie Phoenix, WFP, and Zara Phillips comparing baby photos. Photo courtesy of Karen O'Connor. Jessie Phoenix, WFP, and Zara Phillips comparing baby photos. Photo courtesy of Karen O'Connor.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that some of our favorite upper-level riders, competitors, trainers, clinicians, and all-around equestrian professionals also have lives outside of horses. Like family lives, for instance! Karen O’Connor sent us this totally adorbs photo of top riders Jessica Phoenix, William Fox-Pitt, and Zara Phillips showing off pics of their children at Rolex. I bet it won’t be long until we’ll be seeing pics of these cute little younguns in the saddle!

Events Opening Today: Valinor Farm Horse Trials (MA, A-1), Larkin Hill H.T.(NY, A-1), Seneca Valley Pony Club Spring H.T. (MD, A-2), Full Gallop Farm June Horse Trials (SC, A-3), Queeny Park H.T. (MO, A-4), Silverwood Farm Spring H.T. (WI, A-4), Round Top H.T. (CO, A-9)

Events Closing Today: Hitching Post Farm Horse Trials (VT, A-1), Kent School Spring H.T. (CT, A-1), Fair Hill International H.T. (MD, A-2), CHC International at Chattahoochee Hills (GA, A-3), Otter Creek Spring H.T. (WI, A-4), Sol Events at Corona Del Sol (TC, A-5), The Event at Woodland Stallion Station (CA, A-6), Equestrians Institute H.T. (WA, A-7), CCC Spring Gulch H.T. (CO, A-9)

News and Notes: 

The future of eventing was put on the stand yesterday: Remember when we reported on the FEI’s list of proposed changes to eventing? Of course you do. The FEI Sports Forum delegates met yesterday to discuss the future of eventing as a sport and any adaptations deemed necessary to remain an Olympic discipline. [Horsetalk: Eventing must be prepared to adapt, Sports Forum delegates told]

Best of the Blogs: Lucy at E-Venting shares her thoughts on the internet drama surrounding the decision to euthanize Dambala following cross-country at Rolex: “Internet forums and Facebook groups can be forces for good, but I for one this weekend felt desperately sad that in a time of grief a rider was put into a kangaroo court where she was judged by the anonymous masses who knew none of the background.” Read this and more at: [E-Venting: A Modern Kangaroo Court?]

In more heartwarming news: An three-day old foal with rotten luck was given a better start in life. After falling in a ditch, the colt now named Muddy Waters was rejected by his mother upon his rescue 12 hours later. It was thought that little Muddy Waters would have to be hand-reared, but the resourceful rescue called HorseWorld was able to track down a suitable surrogate mother. You must look at the photos of this adorable little guy: [Horse & Country: Foal rescued from a ditch and given new mum]

So you’re competing at an event alone: What could potentially become a hectic and overwhelming experience could also be a chance for you to shine. Horse & Hound offers a comprehensive list of tips for safely and effectively preparing and competing in a show by yourself. This list is also helpful for those who are traveling in a crew, too! [Horse & Hound: Competing with your horse alone? Take a look at our top tips for success]

Video of the Day: Colleen Rutledge’s weekend in Lexington was nothing short of awesome. She placed in the top 15 with both of her horses, was the top placed American after dressage, and was the highest-placed American woman after stadium. She and Shiraz were the trailblazers on cross country, posting one of six double-clear rounds.