Tuesday News and Notes from Legends Horse Feeds

Nothing has made me laugh more this week than the FDA’s new, no-sh*ts-given approach to social media. Step away from the Ivermectin, buckaroo, unless you’ve got worms — and even then, it’s probably best to go have a nice chat with your doctor instead.

National Holiday: It’s National Waffle Day. We won’t judge you if you have them for all three meals today.

Events Opening Today: Radnor Hunt H.T.Morven Park Fall International CCI4*-L,CCI3*/2*YH-S, CCI4/3*/2*-S & HTHeritage Park H.T.WindRidge Farm Fall H.T.Hitching Post Farm H.T.Central FEH Championships at Haras HaciendaSt. Johns H.T.

Events Closing Today: CDCTA Fall H.T.Flora Lea Fall H.T.Chardon Valley H.T.Tryon Fall Horse TrialsCopper Meadows Eventing, LLC H.T.

News and Notes from Around the World:

A working group has been formed to address modern pentathlon’s showjumping issues. Comprised of a number of successful Olympians, and in conjunction with the FEI, it aims to improve the lot of both horses and athletes in the sport. [British former Olympic champion joins pentathlon group to help tackle riding concerns]

Riding is as much a mental game as it is a physical one. Sometimes, self-belief can be one of the most powerful training techniques at your disposal — and psychologist April Clay wants to help you harness it. [Building a More Confident Rider Through “Self-Efficacy”]

Hitting the deck is never fun, and in some cases, the aftereffects can be serious — even if you feel mostly okay. Now, US researchers are working on new ways to ease post-concussion headaches, which can linger on like a bad date waiting for a snog, in our experience. [US researchers seek best way to tackle post-concussion headaches]

Speaking of serious studies and things, did you know that your USEA membership dues help to fund equine medical research? Check out what got the money this year. [Funding Approved by USEA Board of Governors for Equine Medical Research]

Listen: Get to know Karla Parsons, the amateur eventer and bonkers babe behind Muddy Mayhem, your new favourite TikTok account and webcomic.

Watch: Jump around Ocala II with Elisa Wallace and Riot Gear.