‘Never Too Young’ Tuesday News & Notes from Cavalor

Hans Oliver Dalen Bauer and Ayora. Photo courtesy of Wenche Dalen. Hans Oliver Dalen Bauer and Ayora. Photo courtesy of Wenche Dalen.

How cute is this photo of Hans Oliver Dalen Bauer, age 7, riding on Ayora, a Shetlands pony owned by Gro Sætersmoen? He is training to become an event rider like his father, Norwegian three-star eventer Hans Bauer, the Nordic and Baltic Champion for 2016.

Says Wenche Dalen, who kindly submitted the photo to EN: “This pony has a will of her own but a heart of gold and jumps like an angel, and with the willpower of an enthusiastic rider like Hans Oliver this just has to be good. Watch out future!”

Hans Oliver Dalen Bauer and father Hans Bauer. Photo courtesy of Wenche Dalen.

Hans Oliver Dalen Bauer and father Hans Bauer. Photo courtesy of Wenche Dalen.

Speaking of kids with eventing bloodlines, here a fun fact from reader Helen: “Proud to see Canadians top both fields at Young Riders! I hope you realize that Carmen and Tosca Holmes-Smith are daughters of previous Canadian Olympic team member and Pan Am gold medallist Nick Holmes-Smith! Their mother Ali also rode at least Intermediate level (on a pony) … maybe Advanced? So the girls are as well-bred for eventing as any horse is!” You can check out EN’s 2016 NAJYRC coverage here.

And one more up-and-comer shout out to Addie Neumeyer, a talented young eventer we’ve been keeping tabs on for the past few years. Lee Ann Zobbe reports: “Addie is now 10 years old and riding circles around most of her adult buddies.

“This week she has been attending Event Camp at my Come Again Farm and today had her cross country lesson with Leslie Law. Addie likes Leslie because, ‘He’ll let me jump anything I want to jump.’ (This has varied over the last few years — two years ago it was a Beginner Novice fence she’d fallen off at, as it had become ‘her nemesis’ to be conquered; last year it was the little step down into the water). Today she jumped a skinny Training rolltop, two strides off to a bank into the water and finished with this Prelim sized skinny rolltop. This kid is going places.”

Photo courtesy of Lee Ann Zobbe.

Photo courtesy of Lee Ann Zobbe.

Looks like it!

The Olympic eventing champions of the future are already roaming this earth, some of them still riding around on ponies with stirrup leathers the length of an adult forearm. Keep that in mind the next time you chance upon the opportunity to give a pint-sized eventer a helping hand, whether it’s a leg up or an encouraging word on their way to the startbox. He or she just might be the Phillip Dutton, Boyd Martin, Lauren Kieffer or Clark Montgomery of tomorrow!

Tuesday News and Notes:

Speaking of the Olympics, it’s always kind of fun to see what the mainstream media has to say about equestrian sport. Here is a hit …

The L.A. Times outlines the U.S. equestrian team’s precautions against Rio water pollution and the Zika virus. Best quote: “Asked about the situation, eventing rider Boyd Martin said: “All of us are benched for two months after the Olympics with our respective partners.” Yep, that’s our Boyd. [Mindful of water pollution in Rio, U.S. equestrian team gives horses filtered water]

.. and a miss:

Deadspin makes an grumpy, potty-mouthed case for abolishing horse sports from the Olympics. Worst quote: “I am sure that riding a horse and making it do horse tricks is a difficult skill to acquire and hone to an Olympic level. Also, though, you aren’t doing anything but riding a horse — far easier than running a marathon or lifting weights.” Mmm hmm. Would love to send the author of that article out of a startbox; I’m sure they would last for about three whole seconds.  [The Olympics Are For Humans, Not Horses]

On other fronts …

Just in time before the grass growth period of autumn, Horse Nation is giving away two Harmany Grazing Muzzles from Harmany Equine! Designed by Dr. Joyce Harman, the Harmany muzzle lets horse owners create a customized fit for the individual horse, offering 50% breathing room and a more sanitary, easier to clean option than the traditional bulky grazing muzzle that horses love to ditch miles away in the pasture. Check out HN for contest details. [HN Giveaway: Harmany Grazing Muzzle]

If you’re feeling the post-NAJYRC blues, Jumper Nation has the perfect cure for what ails you. They’ve rounded up all the most beautiful moments from the week’s show jumping competition for your viewing pleasure. [The Absolute Best The Absolute Best Social Media Roundup from the NAJYRC Jumper Crew]

Events Opening This Week:  Colorado Horse Park 3 Day Event and H.T. (CO, A-9), The Event Derby & Clinics at Fresno County Horse Park (CA, A-6),  Stone Gate Farm H.T. (OH, A-8),  Marlborough H.T. (MD, A-2),  Colorado Horse Park 3 Day Event and H.T. (CO, A-9),  GMHA September H.T. (VT, A-1), Flying Cross Farm H.T. (KY, A-8),  Otter Creek Fall H.T. (WI, A-4), Plantation Field International CIC and Advanced H.T. (PA, A-2)

Events Closing This Week: Genesee Valley Riding & Driving Club H.T. (NY, A-1),  Full Gallop Farm August HT (SC, A-3),  Waredaca Farm H.T. (MD, A-2)

Tuesday Video: On the note of future eventing stars, we love this video of Lydia Rose and her 10-hand Haflinger cross pony “Pintsized Power” competing in a Tadpoles division this summer! 

Go Eventing.