Tuesday News & Notes from Cavalor

Trail riding with a border collie. Photo by Kristen Kovatch. Trail riding with a border collie. Photo by Kristen Kovatch.

How are we all dealing with the snow, EN? Have you taken up skijoring yet? Given up all hope, quit your day job and moved to Ocala? Or are you one of those weird people who actually enjoys cold weather and frozen precipitation? Whatever it is you prefer, we hope your cold days are as pleasant as cold days can be, and we’re counting down the days to warm spring sunshine. In the meantime, I’ll be hunkered down watching football playoffs because that’s what I prefer to freezing my butt off in the cold!

Events Opening This Week:

Pine Top Advanced, CIC3,CIC2*, CIC1* & H.T. (GA, A-3), Three Lakes February Horse Trials at Caudle Ranch (FL, A-3)

Events Closing Today:

Full Gallop Farm January H.T (SC, A-3), Fresno County Horse Park Combined Test (CA, A-6), Rocking Horse Winter I H.T. (FL, A-3)

News & Notes:

The USEA Collapsible Fence Study is one year into operation and an update was given at the USEA Annual Meeting and Convention in December. This comprehensive breakdown from the USEA gives updates on the progress of the study and the research that has gone into the science of a rotational fall and other safety concerns. [Collapsible Fence Study Year One Report]

EHV-1 has been confirmed at a Northern Kentucky farm. A filly was brought to an equine hospital in Lexington for a neurological exam and further tests are being conducted on other horses in the area currently. [EHV-1 Confirmed in Kentucky]

Are you considering going to the USEF Annual Meeting this weekend? On-site registration in Lexington, Ky. will be available and there is plenty to learn from every discipline governed by the USEF. Definitely worth attending if you are in the area! [USEF Annual Meeting Schedule]

Tuesday Video:

Just in case you didn’t know what skijoring was…