Tuesday News & Notes from Cavalor

Headed home from Badminton! Photo via Michael Jung on Instagram. Headed home from Badminton! Photo via Michael Jung on Instagram.

One of the best feelings at the end of an event is knowing that you’re coming home with a healthy horse. I’ve been reading a whole lot of internet flaming surrounding Badminton this past weekend, and I’d just like to issue a friendly reminder that we are all in this sport together, no matter what. We may not always agree with the opinions or actions of others, but throwing them to the snake pit that is the internet is never a constructive way to deal with controversy.

There is a difference between healthy discussion and doing everything you can to tear a person down. I would ask you to remember this when you’re warming up your fingers to type a rant — there are tactful ways to have meaningful discussions without resorting to down and dirty, defaming tactics from behind a computer screen.

Events Opening This Week:

Shepherd Ranch SYVPC H.T. I (CA, A-6), Stable View Summer Horse Trials (SC, A-3), Groton House Farm H.T. (MA, A-1), Midsouth Pony Club H.T. (KY, A-8), Inavale Farm HT (OR, A-7), Fox River Valley Pony Club Horse Trials (IL, A-4), Surefire H.T. (VA, A-2), Essex H.T. (NJ, A-2), Honey Run H.T. (MI, A-8), Arrowhead H.T. (MT, A-7)

Events Closing Today:

Mystic Valley Hunt Club H.T. (CT, A-1), May-Daze at the Park H.T. (KY, A-8), Willow Draw Charity Show (TX, A-5), Virginia CCI/CIC & H.T. (VA, A-2), Paradise Farm HT (SC, A-3), Coconino Spring H.T. and Dressage Show (AZ, A-10), Equestrians Institute H.T. (WA, A-7), The Spring Event at Woodside (CA, A-6), Flora Lea Spring H.T. (NJ, A-2)

News & Notes:

Applications for the 2017 Rebecca Broussard Travel Grants are now open through the USEA! The grants are separated into three types: Travel Grants, National International Rider Grant and Global International Rider Grant. These grants are available to any rider of any age who is successfully competing at the Advanced level and has not already represented the U.S. at any international CCIO3* or CCIO4*. Applications for grants to compete at the Event at Rebecca Farm in July are due on June 20. [Rebecca Broussard Travel Grant Applications Open]

Our thoughts continue to remain with Emily Gilruth, who suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury following a fall at the third fence on cross country at Badminton over the weekend. Emily remains in the ICU and is reported to be in stable condition. [Emily Gilruth in Stable Condition]

In case you missed the Derby over the weekend, you’ll definitely want to check out Horse Nation’s ode to Thunder Snow, who is truly all of us on a bad day
. Trust me, this will brighten your day just a bit! [An Ode to Thunder Snow]

Tuesday Video:

Take a cool look inside the announcer’s booth during the call for this weekend’s Kentucky Derby: