Tuesday News & Notes from Cavalor

Photo by M.J. Redding Equine Transport.

I came across this lovely post from M.J. Redding Equine Transport, one of the many groups who have jumped in head first to transport and evacuate horses threatened by California wildfires last week. Here’s an excerpt, and you can see their full post here.

“This is the horse world. This single image captures the very stitch work that binds together a truly amazing community. A community of men and women who have come to accept and often appreciate the cliché ‘crazy horse people.’ It is a world entirely comprised of individuals who willfully sacrifice family vacations, weekends, or even the single day off occasionally. There is bond between horse and horsemen that inherently sears a brand into who we are, and how we live. 365 days we put ourselves second to our horses, with routines dedicated to the wellbeing of our horses beginning well before the light of day, and consistently ending well after nightfall. Individuals who carry no hesitation in their breath whether it be sleepless nights to ensure a mare in foal is safe during labor at any hour of the day or an entire day’s plan is thrown aside the moment a horse is injured. Men and women who for 365 long days find themselves rushing breakfast, eating lunch from the seat of a tractor only to still miss dinner, cancel Saturday night dates, and miss birthdays.”

National Holiday: National Ding-A-Ling Day

Events Opening This Week: Full Gallop Farm January H.T (SC, A-3)  Fresno County Horse Park Combined Test (CA, A-6)  Rocking Horse Winter I H.T. (FL, A-3)

Tuesday News:

Eventing Australia has joined the United States in an effort to make frangible devices compulsory. Thanks to this new rule, starting in February 2018 frangible devices will be mandatory on all fences in international competition“where the materials fit the specifications for use of a frangible device.” Though the FEI has decided to not create a worldwide rule to this effect, Australia is doing its part to make our sport safer. [Major Eventing Nation Backs Compulsory Frangible Fences for Cross Country]

It’s official. You will be able to watch the World Equestrian Games live! NBC Sports Group has gained exclusive rights and will be providing 60 hours of coverage. Fans can watch the action as it happens on NBCSports.com, OlympicChannel.com as well as the NBC Sports and Olympic Channel apps. [NBC Sports Group To Televise FEI World Equestrian Games In September 2018]

Missed the live stream of the USEA Convention? Amanda Chance from $900 Facebook Pony shares her notes in her most recent blog. [Best of Blogs: $900 Facebook Pony]

Congrats to Tammy W., our first winner of EN’s 12 Days of Christmas giveaways! Tammy will receive a holiday prize pack from C4 Belts and Snaks 5th Avenchew. Tune in to EN later today for your next chance to win a prize from one of EN’s awesome sponsors.

Tuesday Video: What can’t this man do.