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I have a feeling that each week, I complain more and more about the cold and snow. Well, this week is no different. Minnesotans stubbornly cling to whatever remaining dreams of spring they might have as the winter blusters on. My horse looks like a black bear crossed with a yak, and my dog looks at me like I’m insane whenever I open the door so he can do his business in the yard. Yep, it’s still that time of year, and I’m counting down the days until Rolex (72, to be exact).

Events Opening Today: Morven Park Spring H.T. (Virginia, A-2), Full Gallop Farm H.T. (South Carolina, A-3), Rocking Horse Spring H.T. (Florida, A-3), Texas Rose Horse Park H.T. (Texas, A-5), Galway Downs International Horse Trials (California, A-6)

Events Closing Today: Full Gallop Farm February H.T. (South Carolina, A-3), Rocking Horse Winter III H.T. (Florida, A-3),  Sporting Days Farm Horse Trials (South Carolina, A-3), MeadowCreek Park – The Spring Social Event (Texas, A-5), Twin Rivers Winter H.T. (California, A-6)

News and Notes

Pine Top Farm Announces Prize Money for CIC divisions at Advanced Horse Trials: Now hosting FEI-sanctioned CIC2* and CIC1* divisions, Pine Top Farm will add cash prize money to its list of awards at the Advanced Horse Trials on February 21-23, 2014. Competitors will be competing for cash and prizes valuing at over $15,000, thanks to Precision Waste Services, Thomson Dodge Chrysler, White Columns Inn, VTO Saddlery, Point Two, Ariat, Hoofclix and Bits and Breeches. CIC2* and CIC1* will divide $8,000 cash money between the two divisions. [Pine Top Farm] [Pine Top’s Facebook]

Tragic Barn Fire Claims Eight Horses: Early Sunday morning, flames engulfed one of the barns at Dr. Clara Fenger’s Equine Integrated Medicine veterinary clinic. Eight horses perished, including four Thoroughbreds that Fenger was planning to sell at the Keeneland September yearling sale. EN extends our heartfelt condolences to Dr. Fenger and her family for their tragic losses. [The Horse]

Cavalor Feed for Thought: Nonstructural carbohydrates (NSCs) are partially responsible for insulin resistance in horses, and the University of Guelph ran a study on the effects of exercise on insulin resistance. Using two groups of Standardbred horses, researchers fed one group a high NSC feed and the other group a high fat feed, and measured the horses’ insulin and glucose levels before and after periods of exercise. Click on the link to read the study’s conclusions! [Feed for Thought]

Live Long and Prosper: The first of five 2014 foals has been born to Sisther de Jeu, a Dutch Warmblood mare. If something sounds odd about the previous sentence, don’t be alarmed; these foals are being carried by surrogate mares via embryo transfer, allowing this dressage diva to have multiple offspring in a single year! Sisther de Jeu, best known as Edward Gal’s Grand Prix mount until her retirement in 2012, is owned by the Netherland’s De Jeu Dressage. Click the link to learn more about this successful mare and her unconventional breeding program. [Equus]

Speaking of Dutch Warmbloods: Charlotte Dujardin’s superstar partner Valegro has been crowned 2013 Horse of the Year by the Royal Warmblood Studbook of The Netherlands (KWPN). The record-setting gelding was selected by the KWPN Horse of the Year committee and public vote, adding this title to his list of accolades. Congratulations, Valegro! [HorseTalk]

Video of the Day:

If eventing is the equestrian triathlon, then combined driving is like an equestrian triathlon on steroids. Check out this video of driver Boyd Exell and his team rocking it at Olympia’s International Horse Show:


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