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This hilarious screenshot was brought to you by Wikipedia This hilarious screenshot was brought to you by Wikipedia

Let’s face it: some horse names stand out, whether it’s a racehorse named Arrrrr or (my personal favorite) a chunky pony I met at a Kentucky schooling show named Fatty McButterpants. How about a Thoroughbred stallion from the 18th century named Potoooooooo (Pot-8-Os, pronounced “potatoes”)? This horse’s Wikipedia page says that a stablehand was asked to write Potatoes’ name on his feed bin and took some creative liberties with the spelling, thus immortalizing the noble racehorse with one of the least-dignified names in equine history.

What are some clever or silly horse names you’ve seen? Share them below!

Events Opening Today: Plantation Field H.T. (Pennsylvania, A-2), Ocala Horse Properties International 3-Day Event (Florida, A-3), FENCE H.T. (South Carolina, A-3), Pine Hill Spring H.T. (Texas, A-5), Twin Rivers Spring Three-Day Event & H.T. (California, A-6), Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event (Kentucky, A-8), St. Johns H.T. (Arizona, A-10)

Events Closing Today: Pine Top Spring H.T. (Georgia, A-3), Feather Creek Farm H.T. (Oklahoma, A-5), Copper Meadows H.T. (California, A-6)

News & Notes

We are the champions! Eventing Nation has been crowned Judges’ Choice AND People’s Choice Best Blog in the 2014 Equestrian Social Media Awards! We couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks for reading, commenting, voting, and Eventing! [ESMA]

Are you competing in the Twin Rivers March HT? If so, weather forecasts are prompting organizers to make some changes to the scheduling. In order for horses and riders to have the best conditions possible with the weather forecasted for the weekend during the Twin Rivers Winter Horse Trials, they will be offering an one day Horse Trials for Advanced, Intermediate and Preliminary competitors on Thursday. If you are not able to compete on Thursday, they will offer the levels again starting with Dressage on Friday and will continue through the weekend. By running these levels on Thursday, it will allow them greater flexibility to adjust times if necessary for the 400 competitors. Please contact Christina Gray by 12pm PST today to let her know what day you wish to compete. More info can be found on the Twin Rivers Facebook page or website.

Get ready for the Galway Downs International Horse Trials: The Galway Downs Equestrian Center in Temecula, CA will host the Galway Downs International Horse Trials on March 28-30. For more info and to purchase tickets online, click the following link: [Galway Downs]

Cavalor Feed for Thought: Many horse owners have turned to supplementing their horses’ feed with oil high in omega-3 fatty acids. Studies have shown that these oils, which include fish oil and flaxseed, can help improve circulation and muscle function, among other benefits. [Feed for Thought]

What do Eventing and Curling have in common? Horse & Hound examine 9 things we learned from the Winter Olympics. [H&H]

Courtney King-Dye gives birth to baby girl: Congratulations to Olympic dressage rider Courtney and her husband Jason Dye on the birth of River Madison, who was born on Monday. [Chronicle of the Horse]

SmartPak Product of the Day: I’m not kidding when I say that my horse goes absolutely bananas over Himalayan Salt Licks. I hang one in his stall, and he has a blast licking up the necessary trace elements and minerals that these all-natural blocks of salt provide. The best part is that SmartPak offers them for as low as $8.95 each! Stock up and keep your horses healthy and happy… and remember, orders $75 and over are shipped FREE!


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