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#mindyourmelon! Photo by Steve Kahn #mindyourmelon! Photo by Steve Kahn

Have you seen Evention’s new #mindyourmelon movement? As a rider who grew up NOT minding her melon by opting for a baseball cap over an approved equestrian helmet, I can honestly say that I am lucky to be alive, not to mention physically and mentally capable of riding and operating in my daily life. During my helmet pooh-poohing days, I was tossed off horses’ backs more times than I can count, and fortunately did not suffer any TBIs or serious injuries beyond bruised bones and a bruised ego.

When I started taking jumping lessons in college, I began to habitually wear a helmet, and made it a point to don a helmet instead of my baseball cap whenever I rode, whether I was riding English, Western, bareback, or backwards. I’m proud to declare that I mind my melon (even when I’m doing other dumb things on horseback), and I hope that others do, to!

Events Opening Today: South Farm H.T. (Ohio, A-8), Coconino Classic 3-Day Event (Arizona, A-10)

Events Closing Today: Plantation Field H.T. (Pennsylvania, A-2), The Middleburg H.T. (Virginia, A-2), River Glen June H.T. (Tennessee, A-3), Chattahoochee Hills H.T. (Georgia, A-3), Carriage House Farm Combined Test (Minnesota, A-4), Queeny Park H.T. (Missouri, A-4), Fox River Valley Pony Club Horse Trials (Illinois, A-4), Texas Rose Horse Park Summer H.T. (Texas, A-5), Copper Meadows H.T. (California, A-6), Derbyshire Farms H.T. (Michigan, A-8), Arrowhead H.T. (Montana, A-9)

News & Notes

Ocala Horse Properties, Revamped: Whether you’re in the market for your dream farm or you just enjoy drooling over picturesque properties in one of the most desirable equestrian locations, be sure to check out the new Ocala Horse Properties website! [OHP]

Cavalor Presents an Equine Nutrition Workshop: Join Cavalor founder and Chief Nutritionist Peter Bollen for an evening workshop on equine nutrition and feed digestibility. The workshop will be held at Caballos del Mar in Encinitas, CA on Saturday, May 24. [Cavalor Workshop Info]

Eventer Appointed UHC Director: Dagmar Caramello, an eventer and track rider from Washington, D.C., has been appointed the director of the American Horse Council’s Unwanted Horse Coalition.  “Just because a horse isn’t a very talented runner… doesn’t mean it can’t have a bright future in a new job,” Caramello said. Congratulations, Dagmar! [Horsetalk]

The Great Escape, South Dakota Edition: A South Dakota man has been indicted by a grand jury, following his release of 37 racehorses from their stable. Of the 37 freed horses, 5 of them had sustained serious injuries during their jailbreak. Jordan James Pourier was charged with six counts of injuring an animal, one count each of trespassing, third-degree burglary, and aggravated assault; the case is pending. [The Horse]

SmartPak Products of the Day:  Speaking of #mindyourmelon, can you think of a better way to #mindyourmelon AND get a great price on an approved riding helmet than to shop SmartPak? Our lovely, resourceful sponsors offer a wide array of protective headgear, from inexpensive helmets like the Tipperary Sportage Helmet to high-end, customizable helmets from Charles Owen, Samshield, and Antares. After you buy your new helmet, remember to snap a selfie and send it to Evention with the hashtag #mindyourmelon!


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