Tuesday News & Notes from Cavalor

Photo by Kelly Dutton. Photo by Kelly Dutton.

I had the privilege of spending some time at Buck Davidson’s Ocala base yesterday, and it was without a doubt a memorable experience. Many riders were having dressage schools under Buck’s watchful eye, and it was a friendly atmosphere that buzzed with the dedication of hard working riders and working students.

It’s natural to be curious about what goes on “behind the scenes” at the big eventing barns, and to be honest it was fairly low key. Busy, but quiet at the same time. But one of the most favored memories I’ll take is the smiling faces and the camaraderie of the entire team.

Events Opening This Week:

Morven Park Spring Horse Trial (VA, A-2) Full Gallop Farm April H.T. (SC, A-3). Texas Rose Horse Park H.T. (TX, A-5), Rocking Horse Spring H.T. (FL, A-3) Galway Downs International Horse Trials (CA, A-6), Twin Rivers Spring Three-Day Event & H.T. (CA, A-6)

Events Closing Today:

Rocking Horse Winter III H.T. (FL, A-3) Full Gallop Farm March I H.T. (SC, A-3) Sporting Days Farm Horse Trials II (SC, A-3), Twin Rivers Winter H.T. (CA, A-6)

News & Notes:

The Cheshire Races in Pennsylvania just got a even more exciting! Organizers have announced the addition of the Mrs. Miles B. Valentine Memorial Side Saddle Race as an addition to an already bustling card full of both timber and flat races. The Side Saddle race will be held over a 1 1/8 mile track resembling hunt country and featuring natural obstacles. [Cheshire Point to Point]

British Eventing has given approval to use an alternative to frangible pin fences on cross country. The MIM clip may not be a foreign concept to some countries, but it is previously unused in Great Britain and has now been approved for use. The MIM clip gained FEI approval in 2012. [BE Approves Use of MIM Clips]

Do you have a senior horse? These tips from The Horse may be useful to you when it comes to maintaining weight on older horses. There are always countless options when it comes to formulating the right diet for your horse, so here are some helpful hints for senior horses. [Maintaining Weight on Senior Horses]

Tuesday Video:

Because we can’t get enough of this throwback Athens footage, here is William Fox-Pitt’s ride aboard Tamarillo.