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Okay, so it might not be an eventing themed header today, but I’ve not stopped laughing at ‘happy start of covering season’ since I saw it. However you’re spending your V Day, do it with…love, I guess.

Events Opening Today: Chattahoochee Hills H.TMorven Park Spring H.T.Jumping Branch Farm H.T.The Event at TerraNovaGalway Downs International H.T.

Events Closing Today: Sporting Days Farm March H.T. IIRocking Horse Winter III H.T.Twin Rivers Winter H.T.Full Gallop Farm March Wednesday H.T.

Tuesday News & Notes from Around the World:

In the latest myth-busting post on HN, the team looks at…squeaky sheaths. No, seriously. They’re getting to the bottom of that weird noise geldings and stallions make when they’re moving, and figuring out what actually causes it. [A bit of WD-40 will fix that]

Finding the money and time to really chase your riding goals is HARD. Especially if you’re balancing horses with a full-time job, a family, other commitments and obligations, and any kind of life balance. That’s why Heels Down are tackling the topic in a webinar on the 27th of February that’s stacked with interesting speakers and sure to be full of varied, nuanced perspectives. Taking part could well help you find your mojo again. [Find out more and join in here]

It’s Valentine’s Day, which is sweet and all – but we all know the true loves of our lives are four-legged. USEA asked its members what they love most about their horses, and the responses have warmed my icy little heart. [I choo-choo-choose you]

Sponsor Corner: Your horse’s gut is a pretty talkative area – but what’s normal, and what’s an early warning sign of something you’ll need to take action on? This helpful guide to gut sounds is a must-read for all horse owners, and could help you avoid a nasty colic.

Your Morning Muck-Out Listen: The USEA Podcast caught up with power couples Gemma and Gary Stevens and Caroline and Deniz Pamukcu for a truly silly, very fun trivia-based sit-down that’ll definitely speed up your trips to the muck heap. Listen here.

Watch This:

In her latest vlog, British 4* rider Ashley Harrison takes her top horse, Zebedee, to have some bone chips removed – an interesting watch for anyone who’s facing the same procedure with their own horse.

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