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We’re always in awe of amateur riders who manage to balance all the moving parts of their lives alongside their riding ambitions — but there are some pros out there who are quietly doing much the same thing. British five-star competitor Tom Crisp was honoured with a Jubilee service medal this week for ten years spent as part of the East Sussex Fire & Rescue team, which he fits in alongside running a string of horses, training lots of students — including son Harry, who’s stepped up to affiliated competition — and raising three kids with his wife, Sophie, at their Sussex yard. Oh, and he’s spent the last couple of years building the family’s home by himself — brick by brick. Good on ya, Tom.

Events Opening Today: Hunt Club Farms H.T.Horse Park of New Jersey Horse Trials II

Events Closing Today: Essex H.T.Chattahoochee Hills H.T.Summer Coconino H.T. ITwin Rivers Summer H.T.

Tuesday News & Notes from Around the World:

I know I’m not the only one who rolls my eyes so hard I give myself a migraine every time someone says “if gas prices keep going up, I’m going to buy a horse!” My friend, they cost significantly more than the $9/gallon we’ve reached over here in the UK. [It’s ranting time]

Planning to tackle the Adult Team Championships at this year’s AECs? Don’t forget to ensure you’ve submitted a letter of intent before the July 19 closing deadline, or you won’t be able to take part in this exciting competition. [Here’s what you need to know]

Imagine winning your FEI eventing debut. Now, imagine doing it as an amateur rider, who’s also making moves in the FEI dressage world while working as a stylist and managing life after the Army. [Lisa Chan’s got it all going on]

Need some schooling inspiration this week? Try this cool cavaletti exercise from Waylon Roberts, which will help you improve your horse’s footwork and jumping without the wear and tear. [It’s grid pro quo time, baby]

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Want to see what the competitors in Bromont’s CCI4*-L faced over the weekend? Check out this course walk with Elisa Wallace.

Got an ulcer-y horse or wondering if your horse is at risk? Check this out:


Simply put, horses need energy. Energy is traditionally supplied by cereal grains such as oats, corn, and barley. These feedstuffs deliver energy as carbohydrates or starch.

But what if you want to supply more energy to your horse without increasing the feed intake? Feeding a fat supplement is an excellent way to achieve this.

Fat is considered a source of “calm” energy and is thought to modify behavior in some horses, making them more tractable. This, in turn, allows horses to focus their energy on work rather than nervousness.

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