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What are your goals for 2024? One of mine is to learn as much as I can about the mechanics of my now-sixteen-year-old mare’s body, so I can help her to feel as good as possible between bodywork sessions. I’m going to be devouring every book on the subject I can find — but I’m also finding social media a surprisingly good source of tips and tricks to help me.

Events Opening Today: Southern Pines H.T. IBouckaert Equestrian H.T. InternationalSAzEA Spring H.T.Full Gallop Farm March I H.T.

Events Closing Today: Rocking Horse Winter II H.T.Pine Top Intermediate H.T.

News & Notes from Around the World: 

There’s been a lot of chatter on British shores about how BE’s new abandonment fund will work. Personally, I think the trauma of last year’s calendar and weather catastrophe is going to leave us all with trauma for years to come — but good on those folks who are trying to do something about it. Here’s some more details about how it’ll work, for you to sink your teeth into.

The USEA Young Event Horse program is a great way to get young horses out into the world – but where are they now? In this fun round-up piece, check in with the class of 2020, and see what some of those high-flying alumni are up to these days.

There’s been a little bit of a wiggle around to the 2024 FEI Nations Cup calendar. Now, we’ll see the French leg go to Lignières at the end of September, instead of Haras du Jardy, who were set to host it earlier in the season. Whether the move has anything to do with Haras du Jardy hosting part of the Olympic torch rally is unclear, but suffice it to say, the venue will see plenty of action in 2024 regardless – it’s just moments from Versailles.

It turns out that not all horses are bad-idea machines. Some actually have great ideas — chief among them, the Yakut horses of Siberia, who’ve actually adapted to essentially hibernate in the worst of the winter. It gives me hope that I may yet develop this skill for myself. I’m nearly there with growing out the winter coat, anyway. Is that TMI? Sorry. (Not sorry.)



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Sponsor Corner: All it takes is one slip on icy ground to ruin your 2024 competition season 😨 Luckily, Kentucky Performance Products has some advice to stop the ground at your barn from turning into an ice skating rink ⛸

Watch This: 

Got a case of the January doldrums? Take some inspo from seasoned 5* horse Waldo III who, at 21, isn’t quite retired so much as he’s enjoying terrorising his rider, Emma Hyslop-Webb, with his dance moves. Truly earning that Bad Grandpa nickname.

Wild Wally😂😆🤪💨

Bad Grandpa giving us all a laugh this morning😆🚀💨

Nothing to see here, just 21yr old Wally more excited to pop over a 90cm fence and giving the boss more grief than the 4yr olds😂😆

He’s jumped round Badminton, he’s jumped round Burghley, but he still loves his job as much as ever. What a boy😍💗🌟

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