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How great is this Accidentally Wes Anderson promotional image for the Paris Olympics? Who knew Oliver Townend and Ballaghmor Class (or at least, that’s my best guess at the horse and rider used) would look so pretty in pink? The closer we get to the Games, the more I realise that I’m probably on the cusp of losing my head completely and going full Emily in Paris this summer. Watch this space, folks. It might get weird.

Events Opening Today: Ram Tap National H.T.Pine Top Spring H.T.Ocala Winter IICarolina International CCI & H.T.

Events Closing Today: Jumping Branch Farm H.T.Ram Tap H.T.Ocala Winter I

Tuesday News & Notes from Around the World:

We all scour the labels on feed bags to ensure our horses are getting what they need (right?? It’s not just me doing this, is it?!) – but when it comes to hay, it’s not that straightforward to check the nutritional content. That’s a big issue, because forage is the largest part of your horse’s diet, but there’s good news: you can get the lowdown on your hay supply by getting a hay analysis done. Here’s everything you’ll learn, and how the process works.

Channel your inner DQ this week and try out these simple exercises. They’ll help you improve your stability through your leg and body, and keep your stirrup and lower leg in the right place in all three paces – which will have the knock-on effect of increasing communication, because your aids will be much clearer. The result? A horse that goes really, really nicely. Huzzah!

Great news for Canada’s Paralympians: as of Paris, they’ll receive the same pay as their Olympic colleagues, thanks to an $8 million endowment fund from the Paralympic Foundation of Canada. Find out more about this fund, and what it means for para athletes, here.

Ever thought about what the most powerful letter in the alphabet might be? No, it’s not A or X – good guess, though – it’s P. Daniel Stewart explains why in his latest Pressure Proof column for US Eventing. Plunge into the piece here.

And finally, goodbye to Karen Nyrop, the 2023 USEA Ironmaster Award winner and a truly excellent vet. A stalwart part of the teams at Kentucky and Maryland, her love for eventing took her around the country, and she was always happy to volunteer her services and expertise. Read more about her inspiring life here.


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Sponsor Corner: Don’t let your horse’s weight slip away this winter. Keep an eye on your horse’s body condition! Remember, it’s twice as hard to put the weight back on. What’s your horse’s body condition?

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