Tuesday News & Notes from Kentucky Performance Products

Gemma Stevens and Jalapeno at Badminton in 2023. Photo by Nico Morgan Media.

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock since yesterday afternoon, the entry list for the MARS Badminton Horse Trials has officially gone live, and boy oh boy, is it stacked. This year, we’re seeing the introduction of three-horse riders for the first time, which is an exciting — though admittedly probably unenviable — change, and a week between Kentucky and Badminton, which might just allow a few more riders to make the trip to both. Oh, and speaking of Kentucky – entries for that close today, so we’ll be taking a look at that list very soon, too. Can you even handle the excitement?! I certainly cannot.

Events Opening Today: Winona Horse TrialsRiver Glen Spring H.T.Queeny Park H.T.Majestic Oaks Ocala H.T.Unionville May H.T.Tryon International Three Day Event

Events Closing Today: Defender Kentucky Three-Day EventSpring Bay H.T.Unionville Horse TrialsLongleaf Pine H.T.F.E.N.C.E. H.T.Twin Rivers Spring International

Tuesday News & Notes From Around the World:

If you’re based in the UK and considering importing supplements, wormers, or medication from abroad, maybe don’t. While prices might be cheaper elsewhere, and you may be able to find higher doses of active ingredients, it’s also definitely not legal to import unauthorised veterinary products. Plus, say experts, it could actually put your horse at serious risk because those imports might not be what they say they are.

Speaking of things that seem too good to be true — it’s probably not actually that useful to send your horse’s hair samples in to a company that’ll then tell you what illnesses he might be prone to and what you should be feeding him. Here’s why.

Does your horse hollow in transitions? This is something that’s plagued me — I can ride a really lovely, uphill, soft upward transition, but I find downward ones much harder to get right, especially transitions down to walk. I’ll be trying these exercises from British dressage legend Emile Faurie, and I reckon you should too.

You know frangible devices are important — but are you fuzzy on the details? This handy refresher from US Eventing is a great read, whether you’re likely to jump some MIM-clipped fences yourself, you’re an avid viewer of upper-level sport, or you’re an event organiser or course builder. Click through for interesting stats, a rundown of the tech, and information about the Frangible Fund.

Sponsor Corner: Kentucky Performance Products’ Sponsored Rider, CCI5* eventer Lisa Barry, has had an exciting month with her current 4* horse, Possum. Despite a rider error in the show jumping, Possum jumped one of the best show jumping rounds she’s ever had at Chatt Hills in early March. Check it out.

Watch This: 

Head out of the CCI3*-S startbox at the Setters’ Run Farm Carolina International with Elisa Wallace and Tullymurry Fifi:


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