Tuesday News & Notes from Legends Horse Feeds

This photo sequence gives me life. Australian eventer Megan Jones got a little more than she bargained for at the Olympics at Wirrina Cover Derby Day. Riding for owner Robyn Mullane, Megan stuck the landing. Well done!

National Holiday: National Ants on a Log Day

Events Opening This Week: Waredaca Classic Three Day Event & H.T.Grand Oaks H.T.Chattahoochee Hills H.T.Windermere Run H.THolly Hill H.T.West Coast Championships at Twin Rivers Ranch,

Events Closing This Week: Larkin Hill H.T.FEH Qualifier at Loch Moy FarmFEH Championships at Loch Moy FarmThe Middleburg H.T.ESDCTA New Jersey H.T.Stable View Oktoberfest 1/ 2/3/4* and H.T.Central FEH Championships at Haras HaciendaFleur de Leap H.T.The Event at ArcherThe Event at Isaacks Ranch

Tuesday News:

Would you like to get your hands on Amerigo’s new safety stirrups? Our friends at World Equestrian Brands are giving a pair away FREE. The best part? They come in an array of colors, perfect for eventers. The raffle ends Friday, September 11th at midnight. [Fab Freebie: Win a Pair of Amerigo’s New Safety Stirrups]

The Vice President of the International Olympic Committee says the Tokyo Olympics will be held next year “with or without Covid.” They are dubbing the event “The Games that conquered COVID” and insist that they will not be postponed beyond 2021. The VP sites the enormous financial investment and thousands of employees as the catalyst for moving forward. [The postponed Tokyo Olympic Games will go ahead next year “with or without Covid”, the vice-president of the International Olympic Committee says.]

Ah, the joys of a lazy horse. It’s tough work when you’re on more of a ‘kick ride.’ There are so many strategies to make your riding easier and more enjoyable.  [Warm Up Strategies for Hot Horses and Lazy Horses]

Tuesday Video: Doug Payne taking blue ribbons in jumper land.