Tuesday News & Notes from Legends Horse Feeds

Princess rocking her new custom Horseware fly mask. Photo courtesy of Utah’s Hogle Zoo.

EN, meet Princess. She’s Horseware’s newest brand ambassador (according to me anyway). This darling rhino suffers from seasonal eye allergies at her home in Utah’s Hogle Zoo. Zookeepers have struggled for years to manage the condition, but finally they came up with the idea of a fly mask — much like what our horses wear. Horseware produced the custom garb, and it’s a perfect fit. Happy fly season, Princess!

Events Opening This Week: GMHA Festival of Eventing August H.T.Waredaca Farm H.T.WindRidge Farm Summer H.T.Otter Creek Summer H.T.The Summer Event at Woodside

Events Closing This Week: Champagne Run at the Park H.T.Essex H.T., Genesee Valley Hunt H.T.Full Moon Farms H.T.

Tuesday News: 

Help us as we plan our coverage of the Tokyo Olympics! Please take a moment to fill out this single-question poll.

“I just trail ride.” That used to be Allie Conrad’s autogenerated response when asked what kind of riding she enjoys. But she wasn’t giving herself near enough credit for the grueling physical, mental and emotional work trail riding can include. [I Only Dog-Paddle: An Eventer’s Conversion To ‘For-Real Trail Riding’ ]

When the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) was founded in 1921, just eight member countries made up it’s ‘international’ network, with Japan being the only among them outside of Europe. This year, roughly 50 nations will send equestrian athletes to compete at the Tokyo Olympics. [FEI 100 Years: Asia’s Thriving Equestrian Scene]

Alex Hua Tian has been a massive trailblazer for Chinese eventing. In 2008, he was the youngest ever rider to compete in the eventing discipline at the Olympics at the ripe age of 18. He fell at fence 8, but it did nothing if not ignite a fire inside the up-and-coming rider. Now, he returns with China’s first eventing Olympic team. [Tokyo Olympics: China’s Alex Hua Tian inspires new generation of riders with mainland team set to make eventing history]

Tuesday’s moment of cuteness: Liz Halliday-Sharp has enlisted LOTS of help in packing for the Tokyo Olympics.