Tuesday News & Notes from Legends Horse Feeds

Okay, okay, so I might not be leading with a look behind the scenes of some horsey hero’s life — but this Christmas tree tucked away in Badminton House is fuelling my festive fire so heartily. I reckon all those oil-painted ladies are smiling down on it while they daydream about the Vicarage Vee, too.

Events Opening Today: Three Lakes Winter I H.T. at Caudle RanchSporting Days Farm February Trials H.T. IGalway Downs 2022 Kickoff H.T.

Tuesday News:

In an effort to allow more people the chance to enjoy the spectacle, the Paris 2024 committee have announced their intention to hold the Opening Ceremony on the Seine. Athletes will ‘parade’ through the city by boat, and ticketed and non-ticketed zones will be in operation, making this a real citywide celebration. Mind you, the Seine does smell pretty ferociously of pee, so there’s that. The finale to the ceremony will take place at Trocadero, in full view of the Eiffel Tower — perfectly timed, we expect, to coincide with the Tower’s hourly twinkle. Magic.

The winter months don’t have to be a slog — instead, they can be among the most fruitful of your year. ICP instructor, US team selector, Olympian and all-round legend Phyllis Dawson is a woman who knows how to extract the good stuff from the off season — here are her tips.

We can all get so caught up in our goals that occasionally, it’s possible to forget why we fell in love with horses in the first place. But for nine-year-old Maeve Rae-Bognar, it’s all about the love — and she’s helping the riders on the Cornell Equestrian Team reconnect with what really counts as she battles leukaemia with gumption and an unfaltering smile on her face.

If you’re horse-shopping at the moment, we know you know how insane the market is right now. Good horses are getting snapped up in minutes, prices are through the roof, and finding the perfect horse feels a bit like the London dating scene right now: gross and grimy and full of threes. So here’s a reassuring tale from someone who got it done — and the details of how they made it happen, too.

Listen to this: The new episode of the Practical Horseman podcast features a candid conversation with Buck Davidson — perfect for listening to while you’re wrapping presents today.

Video Break:

The London International Horse Show — or the Artist Formerly Known as Olympia — came to an exciting close last night with 22-year-old Harry Charles doing a remarkable double by taking both the World Cup and Grand Prix victories. Here’s his exceptional World Cup effort: