Tuesday News & Notes from Legends Horse Feeds

Is it just me, or is it particularly crisp this week? I know Libby Head can’t be the only person who’s got one finger looped through a neck strap at all times right now. If your horse has also been possessed by the ghosts of raves past, future, and still to come, do please upload the footage to the ‘gram and use the #eventerproblems hashtag so we can all cheer ourselves up as we nurse our own bruises (and chilblains). Happy January!

Events Opening Today: Sporting Days Farm March H.T. IIChattahoochee Hills H.T.Rocking Horse Winter III H.T.Twin Rivers Winter H.T.Full Gallop Farm March Wednesday H.T.

Events Closing Today: Three Lakes Winter I H.T. at Caudle RanchSporting Days Farm February Trials H.T. IGalway Downs 2022 Kickoff H.T.

Tuesday News & Notes from Around the World:

Didn’t catch the US Equestrian Annual Meeting Last Week? Here’s what you need to know about the organisation’s plans for 2022 and how they built momentum in 2021.

Ludger Beerbaum’s rapping habit – and no, not the fun kind – is the hot topic of the horse world at the moment. And rightly so; while a zero-tolerance attitude to animal cruelty is unlikely across the industry, we’ve come on in leaps and bounds over the decades. But equine osteopath Alena Jenn shares another interesting perspective: that many of Beerbaum’s detractors are equally guilty, without even realising it.

Even if you’re not a resolution maker, we’d be willing to bet you’ve got some goals in mind for 2022. Check out Daniel Stewart’s handy four-part system for turning those goals from intangible daydreams to actionable plans.

British-based readers, rejoice: Ingrid Klimke will be returning to England for a masterclass at Hampshire’s Wellington Riding, followed by an evening talk, on March 12. You can get your tickets here.

Video Break:

Elisa Wallace shares her latest Mustang desensitisation session — and we reckon this would be a great bit of work to do with any young horse.