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The first horses have arrived at Badminton, and it’s all starting to feel really, really real. I’d love to say Team EN is in something like the ‘calm before the storm’, but the reality of two back-to-back five-stars is that there is no calm, only…hurricane. A nice hurricane, though! A crazy whirlwind of horsey madness that might give us all whiplash, but we’ll enjoy the ride nonetheless. I’ll be heading over to the event today, where the insanity will begin in earnest — and in the meantime, we’ve got loads and loads of exciting content coming out today to help you get ready for the week ahead. Don’t miss our Ultimate Guide, which will help you keep tabs on everything you need to know, plus all the coverage you won’t want to miss throughout the days to come.

Events Opening Today: Masterson Equestrian Trust YEH 4YO and 5YO QualifierShepherd Ranch Pony Club H.T. IKent School H.T.Full Gallop Farm June H.T.Bucks County Horse Park H.T., Seneca Valley Pony Club H.T.Honey Run H.T.Silverwood Farm Spring H.T.

Events Closing Today: Spring Gulch H.T.Fair Hill International Recognized H.T.Chattahoochee Hills H.T.Otter Creek Spring H.T.Hunt Club Farms H.T.

News & Notes from Around the World:

Following a spate of outbreaks over the last year or so, the FEI is considering making EHV-1 vaccines mandatory for competing horses. While none of the vaccines currently available claim to protect against the deadly neurological mutation of the virus, vets and fellow professionals within the FEI are under increasing pressure to protect the animals under their jurisdiction. The discussion came as part of a wider conversation on increasing equine health measures at shows, which was hosted at the FEI Sports Forum last week.

ICYMI: Ocala Horse Properties announced the winners of their inaugural Rebecca Farm flight grants on the final day of Kentucky — click to find out which two riders will be making the trip to Montana to compete in the three- and four-star divisions this year!

No foot, no horse, right? While it’s absolutely true that good hooves are a pivotal part of maintaining your horse’s soundness and competitive longevity, there’s also a tonne of myths circulating about what actually constitutes a decent foot. Today on Horse Nation, Marcella Gruchalak finds out whether black hooves are actually stronger than white hooves, or whether we’ve been totally misled.

Listen to this: Get ready for Badminton week with the Eventing Podcast, who chatted with Grassroots competitor Miranda Heynes and 5*-bound power couple, Kirsty and Arthur Chabert.

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What’s it like to prepare for a trip to the Badminton Grassroots Championship? Follow along with Meg Elphick and find out!