Tuesday News & Notes from Legends Horse Feeds

While we were away sunning ourselves in Italy, back in Englansd, the Chatsworth International Horse Trials finally returned to the calendar for the first time since 2019. It’s brilliant to see this iconic fixture back, particularly as its four-star course is one of the true tests of the level — but even better is spotting this super photo gallery from Hannah Cole, who spotted Ros Canter’s longtime groom Sarah Charnley out on a horse herself. We love seeing our sport’s supergrooms nailing their own competitive goals.

Events Opening This Weekend: Essex H.T.Chattahoochee Hills H.T.Summer Coconino H.T. I,

Events Closing This Weekend: Flora Lea Farm YEH and Mini EventCarriage House Farm Combined TestGenesee Valley Riding & Driving Club Spring H.T.Poplar Place June H.T.Ocala Summer H.T. IMCTA H.T. at Shawan DownsGMHA June H.T.The Spring Event at ArcherIEA Horse Trials

News & Notes from Around the World:

When we seek out viewpoints different from our own, it’s important that we keep intersectionality in mind. Coined as a way to distinguish between multifaceted feminist struggles, ‘intersectionality’ refers to the cross-section of prejudices a person might have to live through — for example, a Black woman will likely have to deal with racial prejudice as well as misogyny, which a white woman is less likely to have experienced. One intersectional viewpoint we’ve not seen much of in the amplification of diverse voices is that of a Black woman with a disability — but this piece on para rider Tegan Vincent-Cooke changes that. [Hear her perspective]

Every barn has one — the person who’s habitually late to pay their board, leaving the owner and manager in the lurch as a result. But legally, what can a barn’s owners actually do about it, and how should they implement the consequences? And, if you hit a rocky patch, how much trouble can you expect to get in for late payment? [Seriously, just pay your bills]

In a sad change to the USEA calendar, California’s Copper Meadows will be no more. You can read more about it in the event organisers’ statement. [Thanks for the memories]

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Revisit Kentucky’s first phase with Elisa Wallace and Let It Be Lee: