Tuesday News & Notes from Legends Horse Feeds

Memorial Day is more than just the kick off to the summer season, it’s a day of reflection, to honor those who have died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. From all of us at Nation Media, thank you to those who have bravely given all.

From eventer Lainey Ashker:

“People frequently ask me what my cross country colors are and I tell them they’re more of a “feeling” than being decked out in red, white and blue. I am proud to be an American, a registered voter, a small part of a democratic society and have the opportunity to ride these beautiful American racehorses and give them a second chance on life as well. I also realize that these luxuries aren’t a given and so my “cross country colors” are also an expression of GRATITUDE for those who have fallen and those who continue to fight for our rights to call this amazing country our HOME!”

Events Opening This Week: Huntington Farm H.T.Genesee Valley Hunt H.T.The Maryland H.T. at Loch Moy Farm IIChampagne Run at the Park H.T.Western Underground, Inc Coconino Summer HT & T/N/BN3D Event

Events Closing This Week: Valinor Farm Horse TrialsLarkin Hill H.T.Seneca Valley Pony Club Spring H.T.Bucks County Horse Park H.T.Full Gallop Farm June H.T.Silverwood Farm Spring H.T.Woodland Stallion Station H.T.Aspen Farms H.T.Honey Run H.T.Golden Spike H.T.

Tuesday News: 

Ride between the flags with Madison Temkin. She walks us through her planning and preparation at this Preliminary coffin at Twin Rivers Ranch. [Ride Between the Flags with Madison Temkin]

The last thing you’d expect to be worrying about at the start box is your underwear, but anything can happen. That was Sally Thornley’s story at the Horse & Hound Festival of Eventing this weekend, when she arrive on grounds to learn she’d left all her clothes at home. Don’t miss this, and many other stories from the competition at this link. [Tales from the H&H Festival of Eventing: ‘I left all of my clothes at home’]

EN continues to follow the Australian inquest into the deaths of Olivia Inglis and Caitlyn Fischer in 2016. The inquest concluded on Friday, May 24, and New South Wales Deputy State Coroner Derek Lee will release his findings at this link. [‘Very frustrating’: Investigator into fatal horse jump was shut down]

Tuesday Video: