Tuesday News & Notes from Legends Horse Feeds

Photo via Kat Morel’s Facebook Page.

If you spend any time reading EN today (aside from this News & Notes post) I implore you to give Maggie Deatrick’s ‘A Plea for Transparency‘ a read. Let’s keep pushing and fighting to keep this sport safe and sustainable.

“USEF, USEA, can you hear us? Are you investigating? Are you looking into these deaths behind closed doors? Is our sport learning anything from these deaths? And if we are, will you please let us also learn?

I know nothing about what led to the deaths of these women. I cannot learn from their tragedies and cannot take measures to ensure that I do not share their fate for the same reasons. I do not know if there is a common thread or if each died due to different factors.

I might be making the same mistakes. I might die because of them.

Please let me learn, so that I might not become one of these women.”

Go eventing.

National Holiday: National Mulled Wine Day

Events Opening This Week: Sporting Days Farm April H.T. III, River Glen Spring H.T.Holly Hill H.T.Fresno County Horse Park H.T.St. Johns H.T.Plantation Field April H.T.

Events Closing This Week: Carolina International CCI and H.T.Horse Trials at Majestic OaksPoplar Place Farm March H.T.Southern Arizona H.T.

Tuesday News: 

The latest USEA podcast is out! Listen here: [USEA Podcast #252: Marching in on the Season]

This horse is definitely up on the latest fashions. As you know, big sunnies are in. [Behind The Photo: Cool Shades Bro]

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Tuesday Video: Some footage from Twin: