Tuesday News & Notes from Legends Horse Feeds

Ian Stark and Murphy Himself. Photo via Ian Stark.

I’ve seen a lot of people sharing and nominating each other for the equestrian photo challenge where each person shares a favorite horse photo every day for 10 days. There have been many really inspiring shots and great throwbacks, but this one is my favorite. Ian Stark and Murphy Himself boldly leaping into the water at the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992. Ian must have had velcro in those breeches because legend has it that the daring grey decided a bounce before the drop was much more appropriate than the designated one-stride.

National Holiday: National Paper Airplane Day

Events Opening This Week (According to the online omnibus): Genesee Valley Hunt H.T.The Maryland H.T. at Loch Moy Farm IIPoplar Place Farm May H.T.Champagne Run at the Park H.T.Western Underground, Inc Coconino Summer HT & T/N/BN3D Event

Download this one for your next commute (mine is from the bed to the couch nowadays, so no judgement here). The latest USEA Podcast delves into how our sport will bounce back from Coronavirus. You’ll hear from  USEA CEO Rob Burk, USEA President Max Corcoran, and Chair of the FEI Eventing Committee David O’Connor for all the details. [USEA Podcast #258: Getting Back to Business]

I am a complete history buff. Hook me up with a well organized documentary and I’m one happy gal. If you’re cut from that same cloth, then you’ll love this latest piece from Noelle Floyd about the most important horses in American History. [Three Times Horses Changed the Course of American History]

After an epic calendar year in 2019, Piggy March had set herself up brilliantly for Olympic domination in 2020, but those Olympic dreams have unfortunately been sidelined again. We’ve all read Piggy’s redemption story, so we know she’s made of the toughest stuff on earth. With her downtime, she’s cranking away but also enjoying more breaks with her husband and son before her world domination tour continues. [Eventing Star March Rejects ‘Olympic Jinx’ and Focuses on Hope and Ambition]

Tuesday Video: Learn how to master a DIY haircut that won’t leave you embarrassed to go out in public.