Tuesday News & Notes from Ocala Horse Properties

In another show of extraordinarily silly bureaucracy, British-based equine dentist James Sheppard faces being removed from the country just a month away from the due date of his baby with partner Sophie Seymour. As someone who also had to go through the extraordinarily long-winded process of applying for indefinite leave to remain in the UK — I was born in England, but have German citizenship, which made me a stranger in the country’s eyes post-Brexit — I really feel for these guys and can’t imagine how stressful this situation must be with a baby on the way. Spare a second to contact their local MP using the information in the post, and you could make a huge difference in a horsey family’s lives.

Tuesday News & Notes from Around the World:

Okay, so it’s a bit naughty of me to include my own bylines in N&N, right? But interviewing Kerryn Edmans, groom to Tim and Jonelle Price and recent winner of the Cavalor Groom’s Prize at the FEI Awards, was such a joy, and so insightful, that I know you’ll all want to read what she had to say about helming this powerhouse team for yourselves. Fair warning: it’ll make you want to quit your job and move straight to their yard. [Kerryn’s continuing a family legacy]

At the ripe old age of 34, the extraordinary Over To You has died. We’ll be looking back at his incredible career as the British team’s most decorated horse ourselves, but for now, check out H&H‘s story and raise a glass to this life-changing athlete. [Farewell to the GOAT]

Looking for a coach in Canada, or hoping to become one yourself? Then it’s crucial that you understand the Coach Status system, which aims to standardise teaching and ensure that equestrians are benefitting from safe, correct, high quality education whenever they engage with a trainer. [A step in the right direction]

West Coast horsey folks, unite! There’s a new coalition in place that’s dedicated to enriching and supporting California’s vibrant equestrian community, and although its focus at the moment is primarily on the racing industry, it’s these kinds of initiatives that tend to trickle down into other disciplines and industries. [Check it out]

Peeked inside our Holiday Gift Guide yet? It’s packed full of gift ideas for all types of riders, plus more than a few shopping deals to take advantage of! Click here to view the Guide!

Ocala Horse Properties Dream Farm of the Week:


I don’t know about you guys, but my favourite part of The Sims was never the actual gameplay (although I, too, love to remove a pool ladder every now and then so I can woo-hoo with the Grim Reaper). Instead, I spent long hours of my early teens just building houses and attempting to build barns, and then decorating them with minute detail, usually using custom-made mods that probably gave my computer quite a lot of viruses. Anyway, the point I’m making is that this place, which has space to build the yard of your dreams, stirs something up in me. I could move in and make it whatever I want it to be. A blank canvas, ready for all my wildest ideas and biggest dreams to be writ large! SO exciting. Now excuse me while I redownload The Sims.

Listen to This: The latest episode of the USEA Podcast brings you an in-depth chat with Dan Krietl, the USEF CCI4*-L National Champion — and an amateur rider with plenty going on behind the scenes. This one will help you get through those morning barn chores with ease!

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