Tuesday Video: A Combined Driving Spin on Hill Work

A little hill work for the youngsters in the Netherlands. Great training to strengthen their backs and experience the large training field.

📸: @chardon_paardensport
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Posted by Chester Weber on Monday, February 8, 2021

Now here’s a cool look into the world of a very close cousin to our sport: combined driving. You may recognize the name Chester Weber – he’s one of the most accomplished combined driving competitors in the world. He was also member of the gold-medal winning combined driving team at the 2018 FEI World Equestrian Games in Tryon.

We get a glimpse at some of the at home training young horses in Chester’s program go through. Note the berm in the arena that serves as terrain for the young horses to get accustomed to variance and strengthen their toplines in the process. There’s also a driving obstacle situated in the arena for additional practice, and even a single horse and cart practicing their lines. There’s a lot to take in for these young horses, which I can imagine only serves them better when it comes time to shoulder the harness and pull for the team.

I thoroughly enjoyed this peek at the combined driving training. How similar it is to our own work at home – though you might need a neck strap to navigate your event horse around this particular arena!