Tuesday Video Break: Just Ingrid Klimke on a Haflinger…

Nothing to see here, just the leading lady of eventing herself, Ingrid Klimke, taking a spin on everyone’s favorite smaller-statured breed: the Haflinger!

This was a different type of experience for the German Olympian, who can often be found at the top of her game in both eventing as well as dressage. During a recent SAP Sports Day at the Reit-u. Rennver. Walldorf e.V. riding club, Ingrid got to take a dabble in the discipline known as Working Equitation. Paired with the 9-year-old Haflinger, Angelo, Ingrid put her skills to good use taking a spin around a demo equitation course.

Personally, I’m 100% here for Ingrid’s pro WE debut. We think she’d just look so stately cantering around doing one-handed turns like in this video:

Let’s make it happen!

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