Tuesday Video: BTS at Badminton’s Grassroots Championships

Each year when Tilly publishes her grassroots cross country preview at Badminton, it gets me itching to compete again *just* so I could *maybe* make it to something like this once in my life. The course is one of the most incredibly decorated and laid-out, especially among lower-level tracks.

The Voltaire Design Grassroots Championship is contested at BE90 (U.S. Novice equivalent) and BE100 (U.S. Training equivalent) and is run alongside Badminton’s marquee 5* event each spring. This gives competitors a real taste of competing at a major event, while enjoying a championship-caliber show in all respects.

Emma and Abi Stuart keep up a robust YouTube presence, and their week at BE90 championships is chronicled in the vlog above. You can also take a look at Tilly’s cross country preview here.

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