Tuesday Video: Cross Country Fun With Fast Forward Eventing


The next best thing to being out there living the British cross country dream yourself is living it vicariously through a helmet cam. Josey Gleeson of Fast Forward Eventing is one of my favorite helmet cam-happy YouTube channels to keep an eye on, as her videos range from foxhunting and team chase content to vlogs about her eventing adventures.

A couple of her most recent videos really triggered my Anglophile tendencies. First, this team chase video which, unlike some much faster and more harrowing team chase videos I’ve seen, just feels like a good fun time over reasonable-sized fences with friends. Although, for the record, they did win so they were certainly going at a good clip!

Another one, posted just this week, features Josey and her now-19-year-old eventing partner Brett, a 14.2-hand Connie x Thoroughbred cross. It co-stars Apollo, her 8-month-old Border Collie. It’s a cold, rainy day that gets soggier the longer the ride goes on but nobody seems to mind, especially Josey’s pup whom she “wraps up like a little burrito” in a towel at the end.

And one more, a mish-mash of clips (including a beach gallop!) from 2021:

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