Tuesday Video: FEI Show Jumping Ponies Go ‘Ping’!

I spent far too much of yesterday afternoon trying to convince a wobbly bowl of jello trapped in the body of a 16.3-hand horse, who’d recently disposed of his own rider, that the 1’9″ gate he refused to go anywhere near was well within his ability, training and scope. You’ve got this, Ben! You are the far superior opponent in this game of Horse vs. Tiny Green Gate! You can do it! 

Despite his willingness to leap dramatically over it (so extra) in hand about 40 times in a row, as soon as I climbed back into the saddle Ben’s bravery and self-esteem crumbled. Final score: horse – 1, human – 0. Maybe tomorrow I’ll show him this video as proof, from the FEI Ponies Jumping Trophy presented by Agria which took place October 19 in Hernig, Denmark.

These pocket rockets have serious hops! At 1.30 meters (AKA 4’2″) they ping right off the ground. The winner was Denmark’s own Magdalene Rose Mikkelsen with her pint-size Irish Sport Horse Attyrory Rebel. Their jump-off round, about 53 minutes into the video, is FIERCE.

Oh, and Ben? I think you can try harder.