Tuesday Video from Flexible Fit Equestrian USA: Badminton’s Newest XC Addition, The ‘Broken Bridge’

This time of year, the formidable Badminton cross country track goes from laid on on paper to physically constructed on site. Course designer Eric Winter and course builder James Willis and his team begin to make dreams a reality, and this year they’ve decided to bring something old school to the modern era with a completely new fence called the “Broken Bridge.” Normally, the Badders team prefers to keep all changes under wraps until closer to the event, but they’ve given us this little preview, as a treat.

“The creative thinking behind the bridge as well as some of the other new fences is that they will offer a trip down memory lane for spectators and competitors, whilst also creating a challenge for the modern day event horse,” Eric said.

“Presenting a track that is a real spectacle for the many people who don’t understand the technicalities of strides, but love watching Badminton’s cross country phase is really important too. That’s what I think big, iconic, show stopping fences like the Broken Bridge will do. It’s dramatic looking fences like this that really make a course exciting to ride as well as watch.”

Hang onto your hats, Badminton hopefuls.

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