Tuesday Video from Flexible Fit Equestrian USA: Jon Holling Prepares for his #FrangibleNow Tattoo

We are delighted to announce that $218,367 has been raised for the Frangible Technology Fundraiser through the USEA Foundation, the Manton Foundation and the GoFundMe initiative. Now the Manton Foundation has kindly pledged matching donations if we can get to the benchmark of $250,000. In Jon Holling’s update, he explains that they are also expecting another $10,000 donation, so that means we must raise $21,633 before the first horse leaves the start box after quarantine. 

The prize of course is increased safety for horses and riders on cross country, but additionally, Jon has said if we can reach this next benchmark that he will get a #FrangibleNow tattoo. Leslie Wylie seems to think this might be a bad idea, but I for one think this will be a flattering addition to his ribcage.

Donations to the USEA Foundation are fully tax-deductible. Donate today by going to https://useafoundation.org/donate and selecting “Frangible Technology Fund” from the dropdown menu.

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