Tuesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: When Jumpers Do Dressage

Now here is a cool update from the Platinum Performance/USEF Show Jumping Talent Search, in which junior jumping riders are challenged to develop skills that they can call upon as they build their professional careers. With qualifying classes held across the country each season, this is a healthy pipeline for well-developed young riders, and this new “dressage” portion of the Talent Search is case in point. Check out a test in the video below or here on Instagram.

The test features shoulder-in work, 15-meter circles, medium canters on a circle, turn on the haunches, and more, making it quite a solid test of horsemanship and intelligent riding. It’s a very cool crossover of disciplines, if you ask me, and a little foundational flatwork never hurt anyone. What do you think? Could you ace this test?

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