Tuesday Video from SpectraVET: British Super Groom Alex Van Tuyll Shares Top Tips at IEF

What’s the secret to perfect quarter marks? How do you get every last speck of dirt and hay out of a barn aisle? British super groom Alex Van Tuyll, who spent a decade working for William Fox-Pitt, shared her secrets¬†with Ellie Kelly in this video.

Alex was a presenter at the 2017 International Eventing Forum, held yesterday at Hartbury College in Gloucester, England. The annual forum aims to deliver insight, opinion and knowledge beneficial to riders and trainers seeking to up their eventing game. Britain-based California eventer Sophie Hulme was in attendance and will be bringing us a recap on Thursday so be sure to check back.

For more “Tips from the Top” videos, featuring advice from leading riders and professionals in all equestrian sports, visit Ellie’s website here. And be sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Go Eventing.

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