Tuesday Video from SpectraVET: Carolina International 2016 Cross Country Highlights

Carolina International is upon us and we can’t wait to see this year’s courses — there’s always a lot to do out there.

Jenni Autry and Leslie Threlkeld are on the scene for EN and will be bringing us all the latest throughout the week. CIC dressage begins tomorrow, with cross country to take place on Saturday and show jumping to follow on Sunday.

To tide everyone over until the jumping action begins, here’s a throwback video to Carolina 2016 recapping its exciting cross country day. Look for appearances from eventual winner Allison Springer, Phillip Dutton, Buck Davidson, Lynn Symansky and many others as they demonstrate their skill on Ian Stark’s bold course.

Many thanks to EQSportsNet for its live stream of the event. Best of luck to all this year’s competitors!

Carolina Links: Website, Entry Status, Ride Times, Schedule, Orders of Go, Live Scores, EN’s Twitter, EN’s Instagram

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